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Student from Livability Victoria School

School’s in! Returning from lockdown

Students are gradually returning to Livability’s two special education centres – and they’re excited to be back! Super-safe virus prevention measures are in place at Livability Nash College and Livability Victoria School, where staff have also prioritised the wellbeing of their students, after months of lockdown. We ask staff how they’re reassuring students and their …

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Trusting that what we bring is enough

Corin Pilling reflects on the new pressures on community leaders generated by the pandemic and offers some simple, practical self-care responses. He also looks back on his work at Livability and announces his departure next month. As we all look beyond Covid-19, he shares his hopes for a renewed commitment to building a better society …

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Exceptional care transforms Scott and his family’s life

Livability started caring for Scott, a disabled young man in North Wales, after his previous care provider was underperforming. In just a couple of months, his family has seen transformational results, all achieved during coronavirus. Scott was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis (MS) 15 years ago, aged 16, after passing the Army’s induction fitness test. In …

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Enhancing care during coronavirus

Social care has been in the headlines for weeks, as the coronavirus pandemic swept the UK. Care services and staff – including Livability’s – have been tested and stretched like never before. While it has been ‘business as usual’, our ways of working have been challenged with care staff needing to quickly adapt and adopt new …

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Mr Higgins – the disability inclusive body coach

Simon Higgins, Head of Physical Education at Livability Victoria School, is combatting a lack of at-home sports activities for disabled people with online ‘Mr Higgins’ videos. From a small start in his garden, Mr Higgins’ accessible PE videos are now reaching other schools – and have been picked up by Activity Alliance. Since coronavirus lockdown …

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Walking it: Rebecca contends with cerebral palsy to tackle 2.6 Challenge

When is one step a giant step? For Hexham resident Rebecca, one step is small in distance but huge in effort – and Rebecca has pledged to walk not just a few steps but 200.6m every day for The 2.6 Challenge, to fundraise for us at Livability. Livability was set to lose millions of pounds …

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Considering kindness, with Emma

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, Emma Browning – Livability Wellbeing Programmes Manager, based at Livability Holton Lee – is offering top tips for considering kindness. At Livability we take wellbeing, mindfulness and happiness as top priority for the people we support, our staff and our wider community. Emma’s message has been shared with …

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A Pandemic of Kindness

If you are community involved, or caring for others, the chances are that you have already hit some points of exhaustion in the last few weeks. Many of us have been on steep learning curves. We have tested our flexibility, stretching our energy and our relationships. It’s likely we’ve been surprised by what we can …

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Dementia Inclusive Church: Responding to challenge with compassion

At Livability we believe that churches have a unique opportunity to support and encourage those living with dementia. By responding to crisis and challenge with compassion and care, we can help to create communities where those living with dementia can continue to take part. To mark the launch of our new resource, we would like …

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Games turn B-O-R-E-D into B-O-A-R-D

People who live at Livability Ashley Place aren’t used to being stuck indoors. They usually get out and about as much as possible so the coronavirus lockdown found people feeling rather stuck for more things to do at home. Car insurance business Lexis Nexis Risk (LNR) stepped into the breach with a thoughtful offer: would …

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