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Walking it: Rebecca contends with cerebral palsy to tackle 2.6 Challenge

When is one step a giant step? For Hexham resident Rebecca, one step is small in distance but huge in effort – and Rebecca has pledged to walk not just a few steps but 200.6m every day for The 2.6 Challenge, to fundraise for us at Livability. Livability was set to lose millions of pounds …

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Considering kindness, with Emma

In honour of Mental Health Awareness Week, Emma Browning – Livability Wellbeing Programmes Manager, based at Livability Holton Lee – is offering top tips for considering kindness. At Livability we take wellbeing, mindfulness and happiness as top priority for the people we support, our staff and our wider community. Emma’s message has been shared with …

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A Pandemic of Kindness

If you are community involved, or caring for others, the chances are that you have already hit some points of exhaustion in the last few weeks. Many of us have been on steep learning curves. We have tested our flexibility, stretching our energy and our relationships. It’s likely we’ve been surprised by what we can …

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Dementia Inclusive Church: Responding to challenge with compassion

At Livability we believe that churches have a unique opportunity to support and encourage those living with dementia. By responding to crisis and challenge with compassion and care, we can help to create communities where those living with dementia can continue to take part. To mark the launch of our new resource, we would like …

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Games turn B-O-R-E-D into B-O-A-R-D

People who live at Livability Ashley Place aren’t used to being stuck indoors. They usually get out and about as much as possible so the coronavirus lockdown found people feeling rather stuck for more things to do at home. Car insurance business Lexis Nexis Risk (LNR) stepped into the breach with a thoughtful offer: would …

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Prayer Diary: May – July 2020

Welcome to the latest edition of the Livability’s Prayer Diary. Dear friends, We’re living through times that feel unprecedented, unique. But let’s remember the challenges faced by God’s people in the Old Testament; enemy invasion, wilderness survival, not to mention the plague of frogs! And God faithfully protected his people and brought them through danger. …

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Barney the bear brings joy in lockdown

Livability staff know the people they support very well – and know that some, who have an intellectual disability, choose to have soft toys in their rooms, something which brings joy and comfort. Livability North East’s Vicky Chaters saw how Covid-19 restrictions were making some people she works with feel lonely and unhappy, and hit …

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Livability  launches  £1M appeal  to protect  disabled  people  during the coronavirus pandemic

On 21 April 2020, Livability launched its Emergency Coronavirus Appeal, asking supporters, the public and the government to protect the health of people with a disability. The coronavirus pandemic has impacted life for us all as we seek to protect against its harsh effects. For the people within our care services, however, there is almost always a higher risk of life-threatening complications if the virus is contracted, even though …

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Livability Victoria School gains communication accreditation

Enabling shops and businesses to improve communication with customers who have communication disabilities is the goal of a new rating scheme – with Livability Victoria School as an ‘early adopter’ of the project. Livability Victoria School’s speech and language therapy team took the scheme’s training – called the Communication Access Symbol UK (CAUK) – which is …

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‘Over the fence’ concert at Livability Treetops

On Wednesday 22 April 2020, Livability Treetops held its first ‘Over the Fence’ concert with performance by local artist Ed Talbot, singer for local covers band Loosen Up, who played an ensemble of modern and classic songs to care home residents on a guitar with support from a portable amp. Talbot, a regular performer at …

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