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Community engagement

Resources to help you make a difference to your neighbourhood. You can read all of our latest articles below, or click here to read more about our work →

Loving your neighbour

Larry Platner and his wife Eea are committed to knowing and loving the people God has placed them among – those who live on the same London street. He shares what this means for them and why he believes it’s important to love our neighbours first before speaking to them of God’s love.

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Together for Good – a community approach to wellbeing

How can churches build a community approach to wellbeing and positive mental health? Livability are launching ‘Together for Good’ – a new, free resource designed to provide churches with Bible Studies and group exercises exploring the themes of happiness, meaning and wellbeing. It’s written and produced with wellbeing expert Dr Andy Parnham and Corin Pilling, Deputy Director of …

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Four keys that move us towards lasting happiness

In this extract from his recent book ‘Lasting Happiness: In search of deeper meaning and fufilment’, Andy Parnham looks at some practical ways we can all learn to handle the “what”; grow in the “how”; prioritise the “who” and discover the “why” that will help us all lead healthier, less stressed and more authentic lives.

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Watching, waiting and hoping in the darkness

In the midst of dark times for many, Corin Pilling reminds us that Advent (the period leading up to Christmas) is all about hope based on a God who is with us in the reality of darkness. Believing it is a hope that darkness will never be able to overcome, Corin shares his conviction that those who carry out acts of kindness, neighbourliness and transformation – however insignificant or unseen – are bearers of that hope.

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Is your happiness adding up?

Andy Parnham reflects on the three categories of happiness – pleasure, engagement and meaning – and shares how this has profoundly impacted who have been involved with Livability’s Happiness Course, which he devised. He also looks at what simple activities give us all greater wellbeing and contentment – and how we can build them into our lives.

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It starts with me! This Ability Sunday, how do we create a community where everyone can take part?

Corin Pilling reflects on what it takes to become a community where everyone can take part. Sharing some of the sermon material from The Ability Sunday Pack he discovers the journey starts with us as individuals – how do I view the gifts God has given me? Do I value them and see them as a gift to the community? He finishes with some corporate prayers from the More than Welcome pack.

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Flowers make Yorkshire community bloom

Walk around Ossett marketplace in West Yorkshire and you’ll see big planters bursting with blooms. Despite the blistering summer weather – even in Yorkshire – the plants are looking in tip-top condition, cared for by local volunteers and businesses, including people from Livability York House. York House supporting Ossett in Bloom Peter, who lives at …

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How do you know you’re welcome?

Corin Pilling shares the story of his own parents’ experience of the different ways churches have responded to his father’s arrival in a wheelchair. Together with input from his mother on what would help her, Corin draws out some simple tips that any church wanting to transform their welcome could adopt.

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Kingsley Hall Nursery opens its doors to the local community

On the 12 July the newly developed Kingsley Hall Nursery, was opened by Councillor Evelyn Carpenter. Kingsley Hall is a Livability Link Church in East London working to create opportunities for the whole community. Local ward councillors, Councillor Dorothy Akwaboah and Councillor Elizabeth Kangethe also attended. “I was proud to cut the ribbon for the …

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Why it helps to laugh – the subversive power of humorous humility

Mike Pears has been involved in urban ministry for thirty five years and is currently director of Urban life. He writes here about the power of humorous humility – how sharing stories and laughing at ourselves can make it easier to see things from someone else’s point of view and to talk about difficult things.

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