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Why it’s time to rediscover the sustaining power of joy

Corin Pilling is inspired by veteran civil rights campaigner Dr Cornel West’s comments on recognising and nurturing joy – whether that’s in the midst of the struggle, the fight for justice or

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How church is perfectly placed to support health and wellbeing

In a world that sees people as diagnoses to be fixed, the Church is perfectly placed to speak hope. Sanctuary Ministries of Canada are part of a growing movement of Christians involved in supporting churches

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Coalition support ‘Let’s Talk Loneliness’ campaign and urge churches to do the same

A coalition of faith based charities called ‘Christians Together against Loneliness’ are urging churches to engage in the national campaign – Let’s Talk Loneliness, raising awareness of issues

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Beyond Boundaries – intellectual disability as a cross-cultural challenge

Mat Ray reflects on a recent event which brought together theologians and practitioners to explore the challenges that intellectual disability bring to our understanding of the gospel. He explores what

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Rallying round the rota – enabling those with dementia to remain on active service

Charlotte Overton-Hart works with the Community Engagement team on dementia. She is passionate about enabling those with dementia to continue participating in church and community life and contributing

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Creating Community… a taster of the new ‘Together for Good’ resource

Livability’s Together for Good resource is a series of five Bible Studies focused on what leads to individual and collective wellbeing. Based around 1 Corinthians 12, Week Four explores social capital

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Lessons from a window sill in Eden (Street)

Maggie Harding’s neighbours decorate their external window sill with ornaments, trusting those who pass by not to take them. Inspired and challenged by this simple act of faith, which results in everyone

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Love Surpassing Knowledge – More Than Ramps: Understanding and Implementing Accessibility

Dr Naomi Graham is Head of Accessible Church Ministry for New Wine. In this extract from her book ‘Love Surpassing Knowledge’ she shares her passion that building an accessible church community is

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‘We all need a little mercy now’, recognising the universal need for grace

In the midst of potentially overwhelming national and local circumstances, Corin Pilling reflects on the difference it would make if, instead of focusing on our differences and labelling people, we remembered

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‘The power of belonging – discovering the confidence to lead with vulnerability’ – an extract

Will van der Hart and Rob Waller believe that authentic leaders are those who have faced their issues of shame, insecurity and loneliness and choose to reveal their vulnerability. Sharing their own stories

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