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Community engagement

Resources to help you make a difference to your neighbourhood. You can read all of our latest articles below, or click here to read more about our work →

Plans blossom at new Livability at Holton Lee site

Before Christmas we completed a merger with the Dorset based East Holton Charity, known as Holton Lee and now known as Livability at Holton Lee. A month on and some exciting plans are already taking shape

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Q&A with film director Joe Stephenson on his forthcoming film about learning difficulties and friendship, called ‘Chicken’

Having recently written about and done a video blog on disability in film we thought we should let you know about a forthcoming film. The film is called Chicken and is about a teenage boy with learning

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Livability Link churches Celebration Event

Last week the Community Engagement team hosted an event to celebrate Livability’s link churches at the Bear Church (Shaftesbury Christian Centre) in Deptford , South East London. The day provided a great

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Book Review: The Amazing Technicolour Pyjama Therapy

Dr Emily Ackerman was disabled by a chronic illness in her twenties. In her new book  titled The Amazing Technicolour Pyjama Therapy, Emily offers help, encouragement and strategies for those living

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How to get better support for someone with learning disabilities

Parents can be left facing something of a postcode lottery when trying to get support for a child with special needs, as advice varies around the country. Professor Richard Hastings tells us what they

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Happiness Growing

Hundreds of people have participated in The Happiness Course since it began last year. The course has fast grown in popularity with many courses taking place across the country including Liverpool, Dorset,

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Livability welcomes Archbishop of York’s comments on need for Church to do more to reach out to people

Livability shares the view recently expressed by the Archbishop of York John Sentamu that the Church needs to do more to reach out as people are left “amid meaninglessness, anxiety and despair”. The

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Prayers of renewal

God is continually renewing the whole of creation, and is active in the whole cycle of life, in all its fullness. In this section we offer some suggested Bible readings and prayers that you may like to

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Founders’ prayers

Our founders were devout Christians and men of prayer. May we join the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury and John Groom in praying for the work and future of our charity. Lord Shaftesbury “Open our eyes and

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The prayer diary

Join the growing number of prayer partners who support Livability. By sharing our joys and challenges, and bringing them to God on our behalf, you can be a part of what God is doing through Livability:

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