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Community engagement

Resources to help you make a difference to your neighbourhood. You can read all of our latest articles below, or click here to read more about our work →

Prayers of renewal

God is continually renewing the whole of creation, and is active in the whole cycle of life, in all its fullness. In this section we offer some suggested Bible readings and prayers that you may like to

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Founders’ prayers

Our founders were devout Christians and men of prayer. May we join the Seventh Earl of Shaftesbury and John Groom in praying for the work and future of our charity. Lord Shaftesbury “Open our eyes and

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The prayer diary

Join the growing number of prayer partners who support Livability. By sharing our joys and challenges, and bringing them to God on our behalf, you can be a part of what God is doing through Livability:

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Things I can do to engage disabled people more fully in the life of your church

A resource designed to help you explore practical, creative and spiritual ways to engage disabled people more fully in the life of your church and local community. Included in the pack are: Planning the

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Livability and Greenbelt Festival collaboration

Festivals and accessibility are rarely considered compatible, but Greenbelt Festivals and the UK’s largest Christian disability charity Livability are working together to change that. Greenbelt

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