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Community engagement

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The Search for Clarity and Confidence – how to work out your Christian Distinctive

Livability team members Anna Ruddick and Ruth Young both have lots of experience in advising Christian organisations on articulating their Christian ethos. This is the story of how they recently helped London-based youth organisation Hebe work out who they are in relation to their faith. We also find out why it matters for everyone to be clear, consistent and confident and Anna and Ruth share their top tips.

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Livability joins ‘Christians Together Against Loneliness’ to tackle isolation amongst older people

Livability has become part of a new faith based coalition called ‘Christians Together Against Loneliness’ to tackle isolation amongst older people. The partner organisations backing the resource include: Livability, The Salvation Army, Linking Lives UK, Pilgrims Friend, Torches Trust, Parish Nursing Ministries UK, Care Home Friends and The Gift of Years. Why Make a meal …

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Supporting people living with dementia to celebrate their faith journey – Livability launches ‘My Faith Matters’

For Dementia Action Week, Livability – the disability charity that connects people with their communities – have launched a new resource to support people living with dementia capture and celebrate their faith journey. Called ‘My Faith Matters’ the resource enables people to record memories and information that has been important to them in their spiritual …

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It’s time to move beyond ‘I’m fine’ – how churches can create a culture of real conversation around mental health

How often to we say ‘I’m fine’ and give the big ‘thumbs up’, when the reality could be very different? How supported do people feel in being able to share their experiences of mental health? During mental health awareness week, Livability explores how churches can be a place to move beyond awareness around mental health, …

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How to do dementia inclusive church with courage and co-production

One of Livability’s core values that shapes our work is to be courageous. In this article, Charlotte Overton-Hart shares what it means to be courageous in working for dementia inclusive church, and how No two churches are the same One strand of our work at Livability is supporting churches that are taking their next steps …

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Loneliness, mental health & family breakdown – the top issues all churches face

Andy Parnham, Livability’s Community Engagement Wellbeing Advisor, explores a new survey revealing an increase in community engagement by churches in England. The challenges are great, but there’s plenty of research demonstrating that faith and church-going are good for our wellbeing. Livability can help churches address these issues through initiatives such as the Happiness Course – which is designed to focus on wellbeing and build community.

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Dementia and spirituality – we may forget but God remembers

Ruth Young explores the issue of spirituality and progressive cognitive conditions such as dementia, reminding us that this mystery is at the heart of our humanity. We also discover that, as far as Bible is concerned, God is faithful, sees what is hidden and stays close to us even when we have forgotten who we are or lost sight of him.

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Live it out – the best way to learn about community engagement is by doing it

Heather Buckingham is Director of Research and Policy at Church Urban Fund. Sharing her own experience and referring to some recent research of churchgoers in the Midlands, she argues that if you want to grow in your faith and get involved in your local community, there’s no substitute to just getting stuck in.

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What’s the one thing you wish the Church understood about mental health?

‘What one thing do you wish the Church understood about mental health?’ is a question Mat Ray – author of Livability’s Lifting the Lid – has asked people living with ill health. In this article Mat shares his inspiration and hopes for Livability’s new mental health resource for churches. Perfume and taboo breaking As I …

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Let’s change the culture of our churches – by lifting the lid on mental health

David Primrose is a Social Responsibility Officer working in the Diocese of Lichfield. David talked to Livability about his involvement in the development of the new course ‘Lifting the Lid’ which aims to raise mental health awareness in churches. ’I remind everyone that those present on the course are people who are going to change …

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