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Community engagement

Resources to help you make a difference to your neighbourhood. You can read all of our latest articles below, or click here to read more about our work →

Becoming a more inclusive family – the story of a Prospects ministry group at St George’s Lincoln

Ian Silk reflects on the catalytic effect of a Livability seminar and the journey that lead to an amazing congregation of disabled people which formed as a result. Ian has been in ministry at St George’s

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Beyond Boundaries – intellectual disability as a cross-cultural challenge

Mat Ray reflects on a recent event which brought together theologians and practitioners to explore the challenges that intellectual disability bring to our understanding of the gospel. He explores what

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Beyond the ramp – 10 ways to build accessible churches where everyone has something to give

Naomi Graham heads up the accessible church work of New Wine. She outlines ten areas to consider that would make group activities such as church services more accessible to those with additional needs.

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Book Review: The Amazing Technicolour Pyjama Therapy

Dr Emily Ackerman was disabled by a chronic illness in her twenties. In her new book  titled The Amazing Technicolour Pyjama Therapy, Emily offers help, encouragement and strategies for those living

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Breaking dependency and developing assets – Principles of an Enabling Community

How can you create an enabling community – where everyone has the opportunity to join in and bring their own experiences and gifts to the table? Social deprivation, loneliness, a lack of awareness for

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Building Dementia Friendly Church: Livability and the Alzheimer’s Society publish new guidelines for church and faith communities

Livability and Alzheimer’s Society are delighted to announce the publication of this new resource to support those living with dementia. Created through the partnership of two national charities, Livability

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Building Kingdom Communities Report

In our report, Fullness of Life Together, Reimagining Christian engagement in our communities, Livability & Church Urban Fund joined together to reflect on the way in which churches engage in their

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Celebrating accessible church at Spring Harvest

This Easter, Livability’s Prospects teams have been leading parallel streams of celebrations and Bible teaching for adults with learning disabilities at Spring Harvest. Promoted as feature breaks,

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Celebrating an inclusive community centre where everyone is welcome

A community centre is the beating heart of any community, enriching the lives of all its citizens. Kingsley Hall – a Livability Link Church – in London’s East End is no exception. With a major

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Challenging our ‘fix or distance’ attitude to community issues

When we meet with others who live on the margins of our society – people who are living in poverty, experiencing homelessness, or those with a mental or physical illness – our initial reaction is to

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