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Understanding dementia – from the inside

Jennifer Bute was a senior GP in the UK when she developed Young Onset Dementia. She became determined to use the unique opportunity of experiencing dementia from the inside to find ways of understanding and living with it in order to help others and those who care for them.

This is an extract – looking at understanding behaviour – from her book, Dementia from the Inside: a Doctor’s Personal Journey of Hope, written with Louise Morse.

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Making space for dementia: how two people’s approach to care made such a difference to someone living with dementia

Yo Tozer-Loft is a professional singer and storyteller, a mother, a wife – and a carer. She cared for her father, who had a dementia diagnosis, for two years until he died. She tells us here about the impact that reaching out to someone with advanced dementia can have on the person and those around …

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The Art of Slowing Down – providing spiritual support to people living with dementia

Corin Pilling reflects on what he has learnt leading services in a care home. He shares the discovery that simple activities offered with time, patience and the opportunity to participate have the power to build deep connections among a group as well as with God.

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Supporting people living with dementia to celebrate their faith journey – Livability launches ‘My Faith Matters’

For Dementia Action Week, Livability – the disability charity that connects people with their communities – have launched a new resource to support people living with dementia capture and celebrate their faith journey. Called ‘My Faith Matters’ the resource enables people to record memories and information that has been important to them in their spiritual …

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How to do dementia inclusive church with courage and co-production

One of Livability’s core values that shapes our work is to be courageous. In this article, Charlotte Overton-Hart shares what it means to be courageous in working for dementia inclusive church, and how No two churches are the same One strand of our work at Livability is supporting churches that are taking their next steps …

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Dementia and spirituality – we may forget but God remembers

Ruth Young explores the issue of spirituality and progressive cognitive conditions such as dementia, reminding us that this mystery is at the heart of our humanity. We also discover that, as far as Bible is concerned, God is faithful, sees what is hidden and stays close to us even when we have forgotten who we are or lost sight of him.

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Ten ways for your church to be more inclusive of people living with dementia

No two people experience dementia in exactly the same way. What may be a help for one person may not be for another. Dr Jennifer Bute – a keynote speaker at Livability’s ‘Creativity and the Dementia Friendly Church’ event last November – offers ten ways to overcome the ‘no one-size-fits-all’ approach when considering what churches …

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Allotments, community and dementia

How tending a Brighton allotment is helping people living with dementia to connect to the world – and people – around them. An allotment with steps and a compost loo might not be the obvious place to take older people living with dementia for a morning out. But for a group of Brighton and Hove …

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Church can be a place to welcome people living with dementia

We all need to find ways of creating more inclusive communities for those living with dementia. Churches are ideally placed to make an important response, says Livability’s Associate on Dementia, Charlotte Overton-Hart. Churches can offer a place of welcome and support Churches – and other local partners – are right at the heart of their …

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Getting back to nature in the forest can be a helpful support for people living with dementia

With an estimated 1 million people diagnosed with dementia by 2025, there is a real need to provide more support to those living with the disease. Getting reacquainted with the great outdoors through forest therapy is one way of improving wellbeing and lowering stress levels in sufferers. Forest therapy – also known as shinrin-yoku or …

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