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Disability care

Allotments, community and dementia

How tending a Brighton allotment is helping people living with dementia to connect to the world – and people – around them. An allotment with steps and a compost loo might not be the obvious place

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At the forefront of brain injury rehabilitation: Enabling life beyond injury or stroke

A brain injury can affect a person’s life in many different ways and in a lot of cases lives can change in the long term. Julie O’Brien has put herself in the forefront of helping those who acquire

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Beer, Bruno and Brackley: bring it, says Livability litter group

When Livability Brackley started a litter picking group to support the local community, they weren’t expecting it to lead to free drinks – and Frank Bruno. The group goes out regularly to tidy the

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Being Disabled in Britain – a Journey Less Equal?

Last week, The Equality and Human Right Commission issued their report ‘Being Disabled in Britain – a Journey Less Equal.’ The report sheds an important spotlight on how millions of disabled people

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Boxing master class with Zaiphan Morris for the people that live at Livability’s John Groom Court

Livability’s John Grooms Court – a care home for disabled people in Norwich – is taking an exciting approach to supporting the people that live at the home to pursue fitness and health activities

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Career switching to care – One business woman shares her story of becoming a Support Worker

Wendy Snowdon is a Support Worker at Livability York House Ossett, a residential home for disabled adults, some with complex requirements. Wendy explains in her own words how ohe came to a career in social

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Celebrating achievement at Livability Lifestyle Choices East Midlands

Brackley Mayor Jim Broomfield and local supporters joined a special event hosted at Livability Lifestyle Choices East Midlands yesterday, to celebrate the achievements of service users. As a centre used

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Celebrating our people – A Livability manager that provides outstanding care for the people we support

Michelle is an Acting Practice Manager with Livability’s residential care services. With an infectious laugh and winning manner, she’s a born motivator. Joining Hallgate and Beaumont Court,

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Celebrating our people – A team that provides amazing care for the people they support

The team at Livability Anvil House supports seven adults, all of whom have learning disabilities and a range of complex health and communication needs. Despite the challenges of their work, every member

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Celebrating our people – One manager that has given 24 years of outstanding commitment and dedication to the people we support

Miriam is well known throughout Livability for her dedication, warmth and humour. Originally trained as a nurse, her first role at the organisation was as Deputy Manager of Livability Keefield Close, the

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