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Government report reveals failings of the ‘bedroom tax’

On the day of the Cabinet reshuffle, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) published an interim report on the effects of the Spare Room Subsidy, dubbed ‘the bedroom tax’. Since the controversial

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Government to cut Disabled Students Allowance

On April 7th the government announced new changes to Disabled Students Allowance. The government are due to reduce the amount to be paid to students with less severe disabilities. This Friday – June

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Growing thriving communities from the soil up

Gay Search takes a look at how community gardens nourish neighbourhoods and help wellbeing to flourish. Over the last thirty years or so, the steady rise of community gardens have done wonders to green

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Have your say: New Government consultation on future housing standards including the creation of more disabled friendly homes

A new consultation has been launched by the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) outlining a revised policy on housing standards- including a partial commitment to create more disabled

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Holding onto hope by your fingernails?

Burnout is a particular risk for those in the trenches of front line church, care and community work. If you are the person who is seen to hold hope for the community, what happens when you find yourself

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Hope as an Act of Resistance

Corin Pilling explores the nature of hope and discovers it is most powerful and life-giving when it is collectively nurtured and shared. When we come together as friends and communities to articulate things

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How the housing crisis affects those with accessibility issues – Ed Todino in the Guardian

On Monday 28th July, The Guardian published an article by Ed Todino, a social work graduate and wheelchair user, on the difficulties that people with disabilities face when trying to find accommodation. As

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Huge shortage of accessible housing – Livability support Aspire report

Livability would like to offer their full support to the spinal cord injury charity Aspire in relation to their recent report on the lack of accessible housing in England for wheelchair users: ‘Wheelchair

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Hygge and happiness – choosing friendship this new year

Sharing, being kind, relaxing with friends – Gay Search discovers how to hygge for the new year. The latest export from Scandinavia to arrive on our shores along with snowflake sweaters, Scandi-noir

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In community, life is more than mere survival

As life gets ever busier and more stressful, is community the key to a life that’s not just about surviving but actually thriving? “The proper function of man is to live, not to exist.” Five

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