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Seasonal Self Care – summer wellbeing, a time to reflect and connect

Charlotte Overton-Hart encourages us to take a step back to consider some seasonal ways of looking after our own wellbeing.

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Flower power – How ‘greening’ their road is bringing a Bournemouth community together

Social isolation and loneliness are big challenges that Livability is determined to tackle – and sometimes it’s the small things that get people out of the house, working together and building their community. In Dorset, Livability is part of a network of community-focused agencies called the Poole Conversation, who are actively living out community cooperation. …

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Peter Thompson and the people at Flourish share why his Tour de France challenge really matters

Livability’s wellbeing initiative ‘Flourish’ has been a big inspiration to Peter Thompson in his Tour de France challenge. The Dorset based horticultural therapy project promotes wellbeing, mental health and community. So what will his bold attempt mean to the people that participate on the project? What motivates him about Flourish and how it promotes mental …

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The Boot Camp volunteers that turned a minus into a plus after wellbeing burglary

When the going is tough, having a community that comes alongside – ready to get down and dirty – can make all the difference, as a Livability service in Dorset discovered recently. Utility vehicle burglary at Livability Holton Lee Livability’s wellbeing discovery centre at Holton Lee is on an outstanding, 300-acre nature reserve, criss-crossed with …

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Celebrating our people – A Project Worker dedicated to improving health outcomes for disabled people through horticultural therapy

Much has been written recently about the healing power of nature. Nowhere is this more in evidence than at Livability Holton Lee, where the Flourish project offers a range of land based activities to disabled adults. Anna Sweeney, Programme Lead of Flourish, comes with a wealth of experience and knowledge in working with people with …

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Hygge and happiness – choosing friendship this new year

Sharing, being kind, relaxing with friends – Gay Search discovers how to hygge for the new year. The latest export from Scandinavia to arrive on our shores along with snowflake sweaters, Scandi-noir thrillers and blonde wood IKEA furniture is the Danish concept of hygge. There is no direct translation in English of the word (pronounced …

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Friendship Really Matters: Growing confidence and friendships together at Livability Holton Lee

Everybody can give something – and that’s how friendships thrive – at Livability’s wellbeing discovery centre. Walking around the gardens at Livability Holton Lee, everyone seems to be getting on purposefully with something – from weeding and digging to preparing vegetables to sell. Holton Lee’s volunteers represent a wide range of disabilities and challenges ‘but …

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Friendship Really Matters: What is therapeutic and positive about gardening? Two horticultural therapists share their view

Livability’s horticultural therapy programme ‘Flourish’ at Livability Holton Lee sees remarkable change in how people relate to each other. But why does this kind of therapy help to connect people? Our experts Dr Anna Sweeney and Emma Browning share their insights. Flourish works with people with a huge range of needs – disabilities, personality disorders, …

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Friendship Really Matters: How garden therapy can nurture friendships and help lives to blossom

Making real connections with others can be challenging, whether you live in an isolated village or at the heart of a city. Add a disability to the mix and finding friends can get considerably tougher, with barriers such as access, speech difficulties and transport issues coming into play. Livability Holton Lee, in Dorset’s tranquil countryside, …

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Friendship Really Matters: Getting to rock bottom and back again

Being part of a close-knit community is important to everyone, but crucial to those struggling with mental illness or addiction. Holton’s Lee’s Flourish programme is a wellbeing project that helps connect people and set them back on the road to recovery. Stuart and Rachel both know what social isolation feels like. Following job loss, divorce …

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