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Celebrating our people – A Project Worker dedicated to improving health outcomes for disabled people through horticultural therapy

Much has been written recently about the healing power of nature. Nowhere is this more in evidence than at Livability Holton Lee, where the Flourish project offers a range of land based activities to disabled

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Hygge and happiness – choosing friendship this new year

Sharing, being kind, relaxing with friends – Gay Search discovers how to hygge for the new year. The latest export from Scandinavia to arrive on our shores along with snowflake sweaters, Scandi-noir

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Friendship Really Matters: Growing confidence and friendships together at Livability Holton Lee

Everybody can give something – and that’s how friendships thrive – at Livability’s wellbeing discovery centre. Walking around the gardens at Livability Holton Lee, everyone seems to be getting

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Friendship Really Matters: What is therapeutic and positive about gardening? Two horticultural therapists share their view

Livability’s horticultural therapy programme ‘Flourish’ at Livability Holton Lee sees remarkable change in how people relate to each other. But why does this kind of therapy help to connect

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Friendship Really Matters: How garden therapy can nurture friendships and help lives to blossom

Making real connections with others can be challenging, whether you live in an isolated village or at the heart of a city. Add a disability to the mix and finding friends can get considerably tougher,

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Friendship Really Matters: Getting to rock bottom and back again

Being part of a close-knit community is important to everyone, but crucial to those struggling with mental illness or addiction. Holton’s Lee’s Flourish programme is a wellbeing project that helps

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A new angle on Happiness: Livability launch a new wellbeing and community building resource

Giving happiness a new angle and helping churches tackle anxiety and social isolation was the order of the day at a community event this week. Hosted by Livability and attended by church and community

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Do you know what you need to be happy? The Happiness Course could help you find out

What makes us happy? It’s a question that has been debated by philosophers and scientists for centuries but are we any closer to knowing the answer? Our competitive culture encourages many of us to pursue

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10 ways to bring more happiness into your life

We spend lots of time searching outside ourselves for things that make us happy. People in our society are encouraged to think that happiness lies in success, money and good looks, but studies show that

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Growing thriving communities from the soil up

Gay Search takes a look at how community gardens nourish neighbourhoods and help wellbeing to flourish. Over the last thirty years or so, the steady rise of community gardens have done wonders to green

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