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Together with disabled people, we work to provide care, tackle isolation and grow connections that make life more livable.

What does it 'all adds up' mean? 

A livable life is the sum of many things. From friendship, to fun; from companionship to wider community; from a great chat to a challenge overcome. 

Together and with disabled people, we work to provide care, tackle isolation and grow community connections that make life more livable for the people we support.

Livability is the disability charity that connects people with their community.

We believe that a livable life is the sum of many things. From friendship, to fun; from companionship to wider community; from a great chat to a challenge overcome. It all adds up - to Livability.’

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What's livable and what's unlivable?

Living well is the sum of many things. Everyone’s life sum looks different. Taking time to put positive things in to life; making room for others and enjoying a good network of support - It all adds up.

At Livability, our services, supporters and staff strive to create great community connections with the people that we serve.

Whether it’s taking part in local sports initiatives, supporting people in to work and vocational training, or creative activities, the impact of community connections in people’s health and wellbeing is vital. 

“There are some things we can't control but we can still make a difference to the lives of others.”

​Livable lives

Read our Livable Lives stories to find out the difference community connections make in the lives of disabled people.

​Unlivable lives

Many people face barriers that cause isolation. Disabled people are often most at risk. What are the barriers that make life unlivable?

​Resources for wellbeing

What does your life sum look like? Get our resources to think about personal wellbeing – and supporting others to get connected.

​Barriers to livability

​Why is isolation a problem?

Right now in our society, people are experiencing social isolation and barriers to their lives and opportunities.

It’s a major health risk and disabled and vulnerable people are often hardest hit.

Unlivable: Barriers of isolation

50% of disabled people will be lonely on any given day.

Unlivable: Barriers to employment

1 in 5 employers say they would be less likely to employ a disabled person.

Unlivable: Disability and poverty

44% of disabled young adults are living in poverty.

The participation of disabled people in all strands of life is vital. People shouldn’t face disabling barriers that take away from their wellbeing and life opportunities.

Together and with the people we support, we can create a fairer more connected society. 
Read more about about how Livability’s working to create community connections and livable lives

How Livability helps

Lisa's story

I'm learning important things. I can serve people, answer their questions and use the till.... people know me. I say hi and have a chat. It cheers people up and it cheers me up.


​Working at her local cafe

What's your life sum?

Find out from the community of people we support, ambassadors, friends and disability activists about what adds up in their lives for better wellbeing and a connected life.

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What's your life sum?

A guide to better wellbeing and self care

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    A practical guide to improve your wellbeing
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    What goes into your life - what adds up and what takes away?

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11 pages of practical help

Caring Christmas

Helping you make a difference

Are you a care professional that wants inspiration for how to create a caring, connected Christmas for the people you support in your care setting? Click here to get your free resource for cost effective ideas for the festive period.

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Free resource

10 ways to connect with people in your community

Want to get more connected – or help others feel supported? Get your free pack full of ideas on how to enjoy better connections this Christmas.

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