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Elin Williams

About me

I’m Elin, a 20-year-old blogger and Open University student from Wales. I’m a positive and enthusiastic person who loves all things beauty, fashion and music. I am also extremely passionate about raising awareness of vision impairment in the hope that I can help, educate and motivate others. I also absolutely love spending time with my family and friends, I don’t think anything beats a good catch up with friends.

What do you do to enhance your wellbeing?

I absolutely love music so going to concerts is one of my favourite things to do, I don’t get the opportunity to go very often but when I do, it enhances my mood and my wellbeing in so many ways. There’s a specific kind of atmosphere at a concert which I can’t help but feel happy within. I also absolutely love spending time with my friends whether that’s by going for a meal or by just popping over to see one another, I always feel better for it. Another thing that enhances my wellbeing is writing my blog, I gain so much enjoyment from writing my feelings and experiences down on a page and receiving positive feedback from others is always a plus.

What barriers do you experience that can threaten your wellbeing?

I have chronic fatigue syndrome and when it flares up, it often prevents me from being able to do things such as go out to meet my friends and this can be really disheartening and can often impact on my mental health. But I always try to keep the right balance so I can do the things I want to do the most.

Which connections count in my life

Spending time with my friends and family, writing my blog, helping others in any way I can and giving people a listening ear when they need it. These are all things which are incredibly important to me and they all contribute to my life and wellbeing in a positive way.

What’s one thing society could do to combat loneliness? 

One thing that living with a disability has taught me is that not everyone will be understanding of your condition and not everyone is willing to listen which can often result in a feeling of loneliness and isolation. I would love to see people take more time to listen and seek to better understand others. I believe that in time this would help to remove all sorts of barriers that can cause people to feel lonely or isolated.

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