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Katharine Welby

About me

I’m Katharine. I’m a freelance writer and speaker on mental health. The importance of making real connections with people is something I care about very much. I love having child-free time with my husband and at the moment, sleep is very important to me, with a toddler and another baby arriving before Christmas!

What do you do to enhance your wellbeing?

I’m an introvert so time alone really helps me to recharge. Although at the moment I often feel I don’t have energy to engage with mental health work, when I start talking about it, it really energises me.

What barriers do you experience that can threaten your wellbeing?

Being too busy or overtired is really not good for me, and seriously impacts my mental health.

Which connections count in my life

My close family, including my four siblings. Being part of a church community is so valuable: we moved house 18 months ago and we instantly had a new community at our church. Neighbours too: our new garden has low walls and it means we’ve got to know our neighbours, I can pop round for a cuppa or talk about dogs with another dog-owning family!

What’s one thing society could do to combat loneliness? 

When someone tells you they’re ok or fine, when they’re clearly not, don’t leave it there. You don’t have to form a deep relationship with them but make a habit of stopping and engaging more, despite the busyness and troubles of your own life.

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