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​​Nearly 1 in 4 disabled people feel lonely on a typical day, rising to well over 1 in 3 for young disabled people aged 18 to 34.

​8 out of 10 carers have felt lonely or isolated as a result of looking after a loved one.

Because we understand the importance of relationships alongside health and physical care, we find ways to connect people with their local community

We provide a wide range of support for carers, families and friends, covering needs from spinal or brain injury rehabilitation through to mental health and dementia care

I mainly love to run. It’s my way to be mindful, to keep active and to get outside and to discover all the benefits that brings. It allows me to travel, to make connections with people and feel part of a wider community.

​Pete Thompson

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Created by a merger of the charities The Shaftesbury Society and John Grooms, Livability is building on a 170-year track record of ground-breaking community work and disability care.

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