Having the right connections in place makes all the difference to Phil and his work. Phil relies on the close relationshiphe has with trusted Livability staff at the residential home in Devon where he lives. With this support, he’s been able to tackle issues posed by his intellectual disability, including anxiety about change and a tendency to withdraw from social contact.

Phil’s connections at work have also played a huge part in him getting the most out of life. He loves his job – he’s part of the hospitality team at a local Christian conference centre, where he takes on essential housekeeping tasks like setting up conference rooms and cleaning. ‘I enjoy other people’s company at work,’ he says.

His colleagues value the connection they have with Phil. ‘Phil used to sit on his own and not talk to anyone,’ says Philippa Quigley, Head of Hospitality and Catering and Phil’s manager. ‘Now he interacts – he’ll ask other staff if they enjoyed the weekend, he’s much more confident and everyone knows and loves him.’



Phil’s dedication to his job earns him respect from his colleagues. ‘Phil is a star. He’s very responsible and it would be hard to find someone else to do his job,’ says Philippa.



Livability staff work together and with the people they support to equip them for the challenges that life throws at them, including beating social isolation. Senior support worker Julia Turner says the staff team is working with Phil ‘on confidence about going out and looking for new opportunities’.



Being concerned for others comes naturally to Phil and work colleagues are no exception to that. ‘I want to make sure the other staff are ok and they want to make sure I’m ok,’ he says.



Phil’s faith is deeply held, and at work, there is space for him to connect with other Christian friends and with God. He attends staff prayers and says: ‘It’s like church to me but I’m more relaxed here.’

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