It all 
adds up

Make a pledge to grow community
connections and tackle isolation.

The ‘It all adds up’ pledge is Livability’s campaign to grow connections
and say goodbye to social isolation.

Inspired by the New Economics Foundation ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing’, we invite you to do one or more of the five ways as a way of creating connections in your community.

Connect, get active, be mindful, learn or give.
Gather with friends, family, neighbours, or as a church.
What will you do to make it all add up?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Connect: Hold a community lunch, start a befriending scheme or have a cup of tea with someone new.
  • Get active: Exercise, join a fitness class and keep moving.
  • Be mindful: Savour the moment, make space to reflect.
  • Learn: Take up a new hobby, explore your vocation
  • Give: Volunteer your time, share your talents - help others