Life Together course – Livability

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Life Together course

In five sessions delivered over ten weeks, Life Together uses prayer, discussion, presentation, group exercises, creative activities and multi-media elements to nurture your understanding of Christian community engagement. Designed to be accessible and engaging, each two-hour session is structured in four stages: Experience, Exploration, Reflection, Response (Green, Let’s Do Theology, 2009).

A workbook with space for journaling accompanies the course.

The five sessions are:

Session 1: Getting our bearings

Groups explore the concept of ‘community’. Each person reflects on their history and experience of community engagement, their current relation to the community and their motivations for getting involved.

Session 2: Following God into our community part 1

Groups focus on different approaches to community engagement and discuss the difference between focusing primarily on the needs in a community and choosing to focus first on its strengths and gifts.

Session 3: Following God into our community part 2

Groups consider the ways in which our Christian beliefs shape our approach to community engagement. They draw on the Bible and the Christian tradition to reflect on understandings of, and responses to, poverty.

Session 4: Taking in the scenery

Groups listen to different groups of people within their communities and are given an opportunity to try out Conversation Café as a specific listening tool.

Session 5: Building kingdom communities

Groups use a model called Appreciative Inquiry to celebrate their progress in community engagement and look with courage and hope to the future. It includes creating an action plan of the next steps in getting involved in their community.

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